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Unia Europa XL



Straight walls make cleaning easy

• 2500, 3000 and 4000 litres hopper
• Hopper mounted on the frame
• Internal partitions to prevent liquid undulations
• The hopper is cleaned using two rotating nozzles
• The efficient agitator ensures intensive mixing of the spray liquid and reduces crop protection chemicals residue build-up

The tank can be filled with three options:

• By pump through a suction filter
• With a hydrant connection
• Through the upper hatches

Unia europa xl


The heart of the sprayer!

• Membrane-piston pump with flow rate up to 300 l/min
• Recommended spraying pressure up to 8 bar
• Steel-clad drawbar for protection against damage
• Easy and quick removal from underside of the drawbar

serce opryskiwacza


Thoughtful spatial construction!

  • Quadrangle lifting system with hydraulic shock absorption of the beam provides additional stability
  • Beam lifting range from 0.5 to 2.3 m.
  • Nozzle protection design


Field beam stabilisation

• Simple, swinging beam suspension
• Compensation for lateral inclinations by means of additional lateral cylinders
• Suspension lock as standard
• Beam inclination cylinder in a standard version


Zestawienie szerokości belek polowych


Advantages of the variable beam geometry system:

• Operation in automatic mode
• Increase in the precision and efficiency of plant protection materials application
• Improved accuracy and uniformity of coverage
• Limitation of spray drift

geometryka belki

Night plant protection

LED night lighting – full spray control during night treatments

Night plant protection treatments bring many benefits (adequate wind strength, temperature, humidity, no bee flight), which are becoming more and more common. However, for such work the lighting from the tractor becomes insufficient, which is why UNIA EUROPA XL sprayers can be mounted additional lighting through LED halogens, which allow to illuminate the spray liquid spray over the entire width of the boom.


Operation of the liquid

Elementy obsługowe

The control elements of the EUROPA XL sprayer are arranged in a clear and easily accessible way on the left side of the device.

Elementy obsługowe

The efficient water diluter with a capacity of 40 l guarantees safe distribution of plant protection products. The active substances in the form of powders and granules are perfectly dissolved and sucked into the main tank.

Elementy obsługowe

An external washer allows you to wash the entire machine immediately after work. The adjustable spray stream with a pressure of 8 bar ensures thorough flushing of all dirt.



Liquid circulation – immediate start of spraying

The liquid circulation system ensures reaching the required liquid pressure in all the sprayers from the moment when spraying operation is switched on. The pressure is always even for the entire system and spraying can be started at any time, avoiding the problem of uneven pressure distribution from the central to the outer parts of the field beam. During the circulation, the working liquid circulates in the liquid system and thus the chemical material never remains still in the pipes and no sediment is formed.

Advantages of liquid circulation:

• Precise switching on and off of spraying
• Effective anti-dripping system
• No unsprayed area after the start of spraying
• Even pressure distribution on the whole width of the bar
• Constant circulation of liquid in the entire liquid system
• Filling the liquid system without starting spraying

EDS – saving money and protecting the environment

It is the most advanced option to automatically switch off each nozzle when it is above the area which was already sprayed. Spraying is also automatically switched on the above areas that were not sprayed. Everything works based on the GPS signal. The control is electrical and the pneumatic system is responsible for closing/ opening the working liquid circulation to the nozzles. The sprayer is equipped with two compressed air tanks – one for EDS system and pneumatic axle suspension, and the other for the brakes.


Advantages of the EDS system:

• Increase spraying accuracy to 50 cm
• Reduction in the number of overlays and bypasses to a minimum
• Savings of plant protection materials up to 85%
• Even pressure distribution on the whole width of the bar



Opryskiwacz prowadzony
po śladach ciągnika!

Semi-automatic steering drawbar

Enables the sprayer to be guided along the tractor wheel tracks. Induction sensors mounted on a movable tripod are responsible for the operation of the tracking drawbar. These components are factory adjusted and do not require adjustment during startup. Requires SPRAY computer.

Automatic steering drawbar

Significantly reduces kneading of the crop during entry and exit into the tramline. Copying the tractor wheel track is done using a gyroscope sensor. The drawbar can be controlled automatically or manually from the position of the computer or using the Joystick.



Connect and drive

• k-absorption significantly reduces vibrations transmitted to the sprayer structure
• Sliding axle with adjustable wheel track from 1.8 to 2.25 meters mounted as standard
• A wide range of tyres and adjustable mudguards make it possible to adapt the machine to various working conditions

Amortyzowana oś

Pneumatically suspended axle – fast and comfortable transport

Pneumatic axle suspension significantly improves driving comfort and extends the life of the sprayer. The vibrations transmitted to the entire sprayer structure are significantly reduced. Thanks to this, ride to the field and work become extremely comfortable


Steering and GPS

Thanks to the combination of our sprayers with the ISOBUS system, their operation has become even easier. The main task of the ISOBUS system is to simplify the process of controlling cooperating machines by operating them with only one control display. Thanks to this solution, the comfort of the tractor operator is significantly improved. It also reduces the number of drivers in the cab, which results in better visibility from the vehicle cab.

Advantages of Computer TOUCH

• Simple and intuitive operation
• Colour touch screen
• One terminal to different ISOBUS machines
• Extensive expansion possibilities (GSP, end nozzles, EDS, DynaJET)
• Expandable to 72 sections


The UNIA SPRAY computer is a fully automated unit for operating the sprayer, with a fully integrated control panel. The central, section and fluid regulating valves can be started from the tractor cabin. The operating terminal allows to switch 5, 7 or 9 sections of width.

Advantages of Computer SPRAY

• Simple and intuitive operation
• Ergonomic and easy to understand buttons
• Tool life (over 20 years on the market)
• Extensive expansion possibilities (GSP, turnable drawbar, end nozzles)


The UNIA RADION 8140 computer is a fully automated unit for operating the sprayer, with a fully integrated control panel. The central, section and fluid regulating valves can be started from the tractor cabin. The operating terminal allows to switch 7 or 9 sections of width.

Advantages of Computer RADION

• Simple and intuitive operation
• Ergonomic and easy to understand buttons
• Colour touch screen
• Extensive expansion possibilities to GPS

• Control up to 9 sections


GPS spraying – maximum performance of application measures

System Section Control

The control of sections based on the GPS signal allows to reduce the costs of inputs of Plant Protection Products thanks to a significant reduction of overlays and skippers. The sections are switched on and off based on the GPS signal when the sprayer enters a specific area of the field.

Advantages of Section Control system

• Reduction of overlays and bypasses
• Savings of a plant protection materials
• Facilitating the operator’s work
• Increase in yields
• More effective work at night and at low visibility

Depending on the requirements, it is possible to set various levels of spraying overlays. In order to fight the weed and parasite growth, it is recommended to set 100% spraying coverage.

Opryski z GPS

Unia dynajet

UNIA DynaJET spraying nozzles control system

thanks to solenoid valves mounted on nozzle bodies allows independent control of fluid flow and droplet size. This solution allows to change the parameters without changing the nozzles, replacing the multi-position bodies.
The system’s main task is to improve the quality and uniformity of the plant coating by the plant protection materials.

kompensacja dawki na zakrętach
Kierunek wiatru

Drobne krople

Grube krople

Elementy obsługowe

Advantages of the UNIA DynaJET system:

• Minimisation of losses due to excessive droplet spray
• Greater uniformity of spray coating while operating on the hilly land
• Flexibility in changing weather conditions
• Achieving uniform dosage on turns and curved fields
• Increase spraying speed with maintaining of droplet, pressure and dosage
• Change of droplet size while maintaining pressure and dosage
• Possibility to match with Crop Sensor devices and plan a liquid fertiliser strategy or growth regulator
• All features of pneumatically controlled liquid circulation system

System features:

• 1 sprayer instead of 6
• Compensation of dosage on turns
• Improved dosage efficiency
• Variable dosage
• Programmable section widths – up to 13

od 1 do 1000 sztuki

Polagra Premiery Poznań – presentation of the first piece of EUROPA 2521 sprayer
Sale of the first sprayer
Beginning of serial production of the EUROPA sprayer
A new generation of sprayers is created – EUROPA II
The first Polish manufacturer offering ISOBUS technology in sprayers. The premiere of the EUROPA PREMIUM sprayer with a capacity of 6000 liters
The premiere of the EDS system – individual atomizer control. Establishment of the EUROPA XL sprayer prototype
Liquid circulation
UNIA DynaJET, V-System – zmienna geometria belki polowej. 1000 pieces of EUROPA sprayer are presented at AgroShow


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86-300 Grudziądz

Janusz Podróżny
Product Manager
tel.: +48 885 800 915

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  • main tank: 2500 l, 3000 l, 4000 l – Polyester
  • clean water tank for rinsing
  • clean water tank for hand washing
  • main tank spin washers
  • upper rigid drawbar with ø 40 eye
  • lateral ejector water diluter
  • POLY 2300 membrane-piston pump
  • PTO shaft (270 Nm. L.nom 719-1060) (wide‑angle shaft)
  • solenoid valve electrically controlled from the
    cab with digital display of operating pressure
  • SPRAY computer (automatic maintaining of the
    spraying dose independent on the driving speed)
    WITH INCLINATION – hydraulically controlled by means of the
    tractor levers (1 pairs of hoses)
  • The spatial beam construction , folding in transport position horizontally to sides with redution to second working width: 30/20 m, 28/20 m, 27/21 m, 24/18 m
  • hydraulic beam lifting up to 2,3 m with hydraulic shock absorption
  • stabilization system: pendulous with shock absorption
  • dry indicator of fluid
  • beam section filters
  • fluid system: 1/2” acid-resistant steel, spraying nozzles in 50 cm intervals
  • 4-position heads in 50 cm intervals
  • wheels 18.4 R38
  • mudguards
  • axle with variable wheel track: 1.8÷2.25m
  • 2-line air brake system with handbrake
  • road lighting LED
  • oil for membrane pumps – 1 L

Technical Specifications

Europa XL 2518 2520 2521 2524 2527 2528 2530
Tank volume [l] 2500
Working width [m] 18 20 21 24 27 28 30
Transport dimensions [m] length/width/height 6,3 / 2,4 / 2,9 6,5 / 2,4 / 2,9 7,0 / 2,4 / 2,9 6,3 / 2,8 / 2,9 6,9 / 2,8 / 2,9 6,3 / 2,8 / 2,9 6,3 / 2,8 / 2,9
Weight [kg] 2920 2970 2990 3090 3190 3210 3230
Europa XL 3018 3020 3021 3024 3027 3028 3030
Tank volume [l] Pojemność zbiornika [l]
Working width [m] 18 20 21 24 27 28 30
Transport dimensions [m] length/width/height 6,3 / 2,4 / 2,9 6,5 / 2,4 / 2,9 7,0 / 2,4 / 2,9 6,3 / 2,8 / 2,9 6,9 / 2,8 / 2,9 6,3 / 2,8 / 2,9 6,3 / 2,8 / 2,9
Weight [kg] 2950 3000 3020 3120 3120 3240 3360
Europa XL 4018 4020 4021 4024 4027 4028 4030
Tank volume [l] 4000
Working width [m] 18 20 21 24 27 28 30
Transport dimensions [m] length/width/height 6,3 / 2,4 / 2,9 6,5 / 2,4 / 2,9 7,0 / 2,4 / 2,9 6,3 / 2,8 / 2,9 6,9 / 2,8 / 2,9 6,3 / 2,8 / 2,9 6,3 / 2,8 / 2,9
Weight [kg] 3010 3060 3080 3180 3380 3400 3520
Europa XL wartości wspólne dla opryskiwaczy EUROPA XL
Number of sections of beam fluid system 5 5 5 7 7 7 7
Beam lifting range [m] 0,5-2,3
Wheel track [m] 1,90 – 2,25
Pump [l/min] POLY2300 – 300l/min

All data, sizes and masses are subject to constant technical development and are not binding.
The weight data refer to the version with basic equipment.
Subject to technical changes.